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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Twilight Saga Scenes I Need From Edward’s POV Now That I’ve Read Midnight Sun

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week a new theme is suggested for bloggers to participate in. This week’s prompt is Books that Should be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies (submitted by Nushu @ Not A Prima Donna Girl) ….but I just finished a binge read of the Twilight series after finishing the long awaited Midnight Sun, so I couldn’t resist a Twilight-themed Top Ten Tuesday. And I wouldn’t mind if it was adapted into a television series, so it kind of works for today’s prompt. πŸ˜‰

Hello Readers! Let me apologize to the non-Twilight readers and even the haters. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is purely to celebrate my love of the series that reignited my passion for reading. No hard feelings if you hop right past this post. But I’m hoping a few fans are out there (Midnight Sun sold 1 million copies the first week, so I know you’re out there!), and maybe you’ll enjoy reading this post as much as I did creating it. Please consider donating to Quileute Move to Higher Ground, as well. <3

I reread Twilight a few weeks before Midnight Sun was released on August 4th, and when I reluctantly finished Midnight Sun (here’s my review), I couldn’t leave Edward in such a state of despair. I had to continue on with the series and bring their story full-circle, giving him his happy ending. And I had so much fun. I listened to the old playlists I created for each book while I read, fully immersing myself back into the Twilight world, and I’m planning on wrapping it up with a rewatch of the films, as well.

Of course, immediately upon finishing Midnight Sun all I could think about was how badly I wanted the rest of the series from Edward’s point of view. But that’s not very practical. Edward is rarely a happy guy. So being in his head is dark. New Moon would be excruciating. Stephenie Meyer recently stated that Midnight Sun took her so long because it was depressing and anxiety-inducing being in Edward’s head. So I wouldn’t wish that on her. She also said that once you read Midnight Sun, you can figure out pretty well what Edward is thinking through the rest of the series. And while that is true—reading the rest of the series after Midnight Sun WAS a whole new experience—there are a few scenes that I would LOVE to read from Edward’s POV. Maybe Stephenie could handle a few scenes, right?? πŸ˜‰ Here are the top ten Twilight Saga scenes I need from Edward’s POV now that I’ve read Midnight Sun!

(in chronological order)

Spoilers ahead for those who have NOT read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and plan to. πŸ™‚


The Break-up in New Moon

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I know. I know. I just said that being in Edward’s head is too dark for some scenes, and Chapter 3, “The End”, in New Moon may be the darkest of all, but I still want to hear his thoughts as he’s telling Bella he’s leaving.


The Reunion in New Moon

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Even though Stephenie did give us an outtake of Edward’s POV when he makes the phone call to Bella’s house in Chapter 18, “The Funeral” (you can read it here on her website), I would love to have their reunion in Chapter 20, “Volterra”, from Edward’s POV, too. Plus, we’d get to hear what Aro was really thinking during their tense exchange.


The Vote in New Moon

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One of my favorite scenes in New Moon is Chapter 24, “Vote”. Bella realizes her decisions affect more than just her and Edward and she takes matters into her own hands. I especially like the visual of all of Edward’s vampire family gathered around the dining room table. If we had this scene from Edward’s POV, we could also hear how each family member decided their vote.


When Edward decides to be “reasonable” in Eclipse

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In Chapter 8, “Temper” of Eclipse, Edward finally decides to stop fighting Bella about Jacob. We get a glimpse of his decision through Bella’s thoughts when he tells her he didn’t want it to drive a wedge between them. But after reading Midnight Sun, I know there is so much more to what finally forced Edward to give in. I think he’s at his most selfless in this scene, and I would love to hear his thought process.


The Compromise in Eclipse

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Chapter 20, “Compromise”, or the proposal scene, may be my favorite chapter from the entire series. At least top three. I typically read it twice. πŸ˜‰ So of course I would love to have it from Edward’s POV. It’s so rare to get a happy Edward. And we know it took some mental work on Edward’s part to arrive at the compromise.


Fire and Ice in Eclipse

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Edward’s momentary bliss is not long-lived, and a few chapters later in Chapter 22, “Fire and Ice”, he spends a long, miserable night stuck in a tent with Bella and Jacob. I would love to have his conversation with Jacob first-hand and not through Bella’s groggy thoughts.


The Wedding in Breaking Dawn

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One thing I noticed as I was rereading Breaking Dawn after reading Midnight Sun, we don’t get Edward’s first glimpse of Bella as she makes her way down the stairs to him on their wedding day. She’s so worried about the stairs, she doesn’t look up until she’s reached the bottom. I would love to have Chapter 3, “Big Day”, in its entirety from Edward’s POV.


The Reception in Breaking Dawn

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And of course, if I have the wedding from Edward’s POV, I’ll need the reception in Chapter 4, “The Gesture”, as well. The first dance, the cake-cutting…. the confrontation with Jacob. πŸ˜‰


When Edward hears Renesmee’s thoughts in Breaking Dawn

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While I understand why Stephenie Meyer wrote the middle part of Breaking Dawn from Jacob’s POV, there are some scenes that leave me wanting more. One of those is in Chapter 16, “Too-Much-Information Alert”, when Edward finally hears Renesmee’s thoughts and knows that she’s not trying to hurt Bella. Being forced to leave what is such a happy scene for Edward is hard. I always want to stay there with them.


The Happily Ever After

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The final scene at the cottage in Breaking Dawn in Chapter 39, “The Happily Ever After” is one of my favorites. I would so love to be in Edward’s head when he finally gets to hear Bella’s thoughts, the happiest of happy endings. <3

Did I include your favorite scenes? Which scene from The Twilight Saga would you like to have from Edward’s POV the most? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Wandering!

57 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Twilight Saga Scenes I Need From Edward’s POV Now That I’ve Read Midnight Sun”

  1. I never read these books, but I have read other books where you get the alternate POV. Some authors do an amazing job with it, and I found the alt POV really revealed a good deal of new information.

  2. I am totally geeking out on this post!! I am an unashamed Twilight fan, and this is awesome! I am waiting on my hold to come through for Midnight Sun. I wonder if I’ll then be inspired to reread the entire series again. I have read that series more times than I can count now. LOL! I think you mentioned all of the scenes that I would most want, too. I think I might add the scene where Jacob tells Edward that Charlie is at the funeral. I bet it would be a hard scene to write, and while it would be dark, I think I’d still like to read it, but maybe that’s because I know a happy ending is coming. But, Edward said he went through a change in that moment that he thought Bella was dead, so I’d like to experience that with him. Fantastic post!!

    1. Yay!! So, that scene with Jacob’s call exists! I linked to it in #2. It’s very short, but it does shed some light into his dark thoughts. I would love a more in-depth version, too, though. I hope you get to read Midnight Sun soon. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss! <3

          1. Ok. So I read it and was so bummed! It ended right where I where I was hoping it would start!! I do hope she changes her mind again and decides to finish the whole series from his pov!

          2. Ugh. Yeah, it’s very short. There is an outtake from Rosalie’s point of view, too. It doesn’t really give more information but it’s good!

            I would love it if she continued it, but she’s been pretty adamant she won’t. 😩

  3. One of my biggest disappointments with Midnight Sun was that we got 700 pages of freaking Twilight, when all the good stuff happens in later books. I mean, who doesn’t want Edwards thoughts when Bella walks down the aisle?!

  4. I love this topic. I agree with all of these. I really have been enjoying Midnight Sun. His perspective is so much better, IMO. Although, I’m about halfway and really hit a wall with it. I don’t even know why.

  5. This is such a creative post. I loved reading it so much!! <3 To be honest, I haven't read Midnight Sun and I don't know if I'll ever will but reading your post brought me back to all of that (cringey) nostalgia, haha. When I was younger I enjoyed reading the Twilight series so much (but already lost interest with every book) so I have mixed feelings now.

  6. Love your take on the topic! I haven’t read Midnight Sun yet and I’m honestly a bit hesitant since it’s so dark and depressing being in Edward’s head, but I’d love the happier scenes like the wedding, reception and ending from his POV πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! It was so much darker than I expected. But, it wasn’t too bad since I knew the ending. Crossing my fingers she’ll give us some of the happier scenes from Edward, too. <3

  7. I am not a Twilight fan, so I don’t know any of these scenes, but goodness, I love your creativity in this! I have to steal this idea for a future TTT!!

  8. I have to confess that I never finished the Twilight Saga. I loved Twilight, hated New Moon, and enjoyed Eclipse. I think I came across some spoilers for Breaking Dawn so I never felt a huge need to read it. I keep thinking I’ll get to it one day and then I look at the size of it and choose something else! I’m glad you enjoyed your re-read and Midnight Sun!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! I didn’t love New Moon the first time I read it, but now it’s my favorite. No one was more surprised than me. πŸ˜‰ It’s definitely a commitment to read them all, so I understand overlooking them. It’s the same reason I still haven’t read Six of Crows even though I own them all. Ha! Happy Reading! <3

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