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Stay Home Reading Rush Tag & TBR

Holly @ Nut Free Nerd shared a post about the #stayhomereadingrush challenge starting today from April 16th-19th, and after reading her post, I was surprised I’d never heard of The Reading Rush. But after checking out the website, I realized that’s because it started as BookTubeAThon–which I have heard of–but not being a BookTuber, I’d never paid too much attention to it. Now I have loads of time, though, so I’m going to attempt to participate, hopefully knocking off a few books from my backlist while also managing to encourage my climb up out of my reading slump.

The Reading Rush is a yearly event that happens during the summer. This summer it will be from July 22nd-28th, but they decided to run an event this month to encourage people to stay home while also having some fun within the bookish community. They have four prompts or challenges for each day, but they can be accomplished with four separate books or one book. It’s a very relaxed reading challenge, which is what we all need right now, right?? They will also be hosting an Instagram photo challenge every day where you can win an OwlCrate box (yay!!) and reading sprints on Instagram and Twitter. Check out their website here for all the details!

The Reading Challenges

  • Read a book with a house on the cover
  • Read a book in the same room the whole time
  • Read a book set somewhere you wish you could go
  • Read a book that will make you smile

I am not a super fast reader, so I’ll be surprised if I make it through four books. I’ll give it my best, though. I’ll also be picking some shorter books to help me out. I’m just finding my way out of the reading slump I fell into during the second half of March, and I don’t want to pick anything that will send me back into it, so I’ll be keeping that in mind when I choose, as well.

(Link to Goodreads synopsis through book title.)

The #StayHomeReadingRush Tag

The ladies at Reading Rush have created a fun tag to go along with the challenge. It’s included within the video on the website.

1. How is your reading going while staying at home?

If you’re a follower, you’re probably tired of me talking about my reading slump, but I’m happy to say I finally found the right book(s) to get me out of it. For almost a month I’d been struggling to read. I had little desire to pick up a book, but I forced myself to sit and read a few times and that’s all it took. Well, that and a great book! You can find my review of that series here if you want to know what got me out of my slump. 🙂

2. Where have you been reading at home?

I’ve been reading pretty much where I always do–on the couch or in bed. We have an L shaped couch and I have claimed the corner as my own. It’s the coziest place to read. A few times I have sat on the back porch to read and enjoy being outside, as well.

3. What is the best book you’ve read during isolation?

Definitely the ones that got me out of my slump, The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart by K.A. Tucker. They were all-consuming and just lovely. Once again, here’s my review. 😉

4. What is your ultimate feel good book?

This is always such a tough question. I love to reread my favorite books, so it’s very hard to choose. I’m gonna go with Pride and Prejudice. It’s one I never grow tired of rereading, and I always discover something new.

5. What is one book you wish you could buy or borrow?

I’m in a weird place right now where I have most of the books I’ve been wanting to read. I know that’ll probably change tomorrow because I’m always adding to my growing TBR, but I did recently order a few books from two indie bookstores, Powell’s and Half Price Books, hoping to do what I could to help them out. One of the books I’m most excited to pick up that’s coming out this year is My Calamity Jane. But I’ll have to wait until summer for that one. 🙂

6. Pick an author to shout out!

If you haven’t read anything by Katherine Center, I would encourage you to pick up one of her books. I can recommend How to Walk Away and Things You Save in a Fire, but I’m expecting to love all of her books. She’s become an auto-buy/request author for me. My current read is her latest book that will be out this summer. She’s also a joy to follow on Instagram. She’s so positive and upbeat and encouraging. Her books always leave me smiling.

7. What is on your stay home reading rush TBR?

A book with a house on the cover

I was surprised to find I didn’t have any books with houses on the covers among my current reading challenge (Popsugar Reading Challenge) tbr. I was hoping to use books that would work for both of my challenges. I do have Shadow and Bone on my tbr, and it has some buildings which I think represent the kingdom?? I don’t mind stretching during challenges, so that may work. I’ve also had The House on Mango Street on my shelves for years, so that might work, as well. And it’s a shorter read.

Read a book in the same room

So if I end up having to use one book for two or more prompts, this will be an easy one to accomplish. But if I can manage to read one book for each prompt, I’ll choose either The Little Prince–another book I’ve never read but own–or a collection of short stories like J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories or David Sedaris’ Barrel Fever.

A book set somewhere you wish you could go

This seems like another easy one to fill. If I don’t have to combine prompts, I would love to read The Blue Castle, set in Canada. It’s also on my Popsugar Reading Challenge TBR and not a very long book, so it would be a great choice!

A book that will make you smile

I will be using my current read, What You Wish For, for this prompt, which may be bending the rules a bit, too, but I’ve barely started it. I know any book by Katherine Center will leave me smiling.

Do you like to participate in readathons? Will you be joining the #StayHomeReadingRush Challenge? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Wandering!

6 thoughts on “Stay Home Reading Rush Tag & TBR”

  1. I already have a bunch of readathons I’m doing this month, so I won’t be joining this one, but I do enjoy playing along with readathons! Some of the creators get really creative with them.

    I’m jealous of your L-shaped couch! My parents had one when I was growing up, and that was the cosiest place to sit and read. Now I try to tuck myself into the corner of our regular sofa, but it’s not quite the same feel. (Mr. Wyrm and I don’t have enough floorspace for an L-shaped couch, though, so the corner of the sofa will have to do.)

    1. I need to do more readathons! I usually don’t know about them until they’re almost over. 😉

      I never knew how much I would love my corner! I had longed for an L-shaped couch for so long. We didn’t think we could fit one, either. We finally found a modular one–each section is it’s own piece–so we could make it fit to our smaller area. And now I love that we can change it up and move it around. It’s especially helpful at Christmas. 😉

  2. I joined in the Reading Rush last year and it was SO much fun! I loved participating in the blogging challenges but also the instagram challenges were fun too (back when I was active lol)! Loved reading your answers to these questions (and yaas, Pride and Prejudice forever feel good book!) as well. I’d totally love to go to Canada one day 💜 Happy reading and good luck, Dedra!

    1. I’m enjoying it! It’s just the push I needed to read more right now. Happy reading to you, too, Dini! <3

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