Review Policy

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I love to read new books, so if you’re considering contacting me about reviewing your title, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What I need from you before I accept:

  • Title and cover
  • Summary
  • Timeframe for the review

I’m not picky about the format at the moment. I currently read physical copies, ebooks, arcs, and the occasional audio book.

What to expect from my review after I accept:

  • My own photograph of the book (shared here and on Instagram)
  • The official synopsis
  • My honest opinion
  • A rating out of five stars
  • A link to the book

If I don’t like a book, or it’s just not the right fit for me, I may not leave a review on my blog, but I will leave a review on Goodreads. My reviews will always be thoughtful and constructive.

Please contact me at

My Ratings System

  • 5 stars: I loved the book! It was close to, if not, perfect for me. I was completely immersed and would definitely read it again.
  • 4 stars: I enjoyed the book from start to finish, but there were one or two things that distracted me, bringing me outside of the story. I would probably read it again.
  • 3 stars: I enjoyed some parts, but not others. I would still recommend it, but I wouldn’t read it again.
  • 2 stars: I disliked more than I liked, but I was able to finish it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it.
  • 1 star: I did not like it and would not recommend it.