My Random Thoughts While Binge-Reading the Shadow and Bone Trilogy

The Grishaverse is a book world I’ve heard about for years. And been thoroughly confused by for years, as well. (Who or what is The Darkling???) Do I start with the more favored Six of Crows?? Or Shadow and Bone that was written first? I had different responses when I asked that question, btw. NOW I understand the confusion.

It really isn’t necessary to read the Shadow and Bone trilogy first, BUT I think it did help me understand the world a bit better. There are so many facets of Six of Crows, and at least I understood the basic “rules” to the world.

But on that note, I did enjoy the Six of Crows duology more than the Shadow and Bone trilogy. For example, I will definitely be rereading the duology someday in the future, but I have no desire to reread the trilogy. I do finally feel ready and excited for the television adaptation to come!

It took me a few years to collect all the books in both of these series—and yes, it frustrates me that they don’t match, but I’m cheap, okay!! 😉

I’ll be sharing my random thoughts and notes that I kept while reading both the trilogy and duology, as well as my playlists. <3 Be sure to check out my thoughts on Six of Crows here!

Just a friendly warning: there will definitely be spoilers in my lists of thoughts.

Shadow and Bone

  1. I think I’ve waited so long to read this series because I’m scared they won’t live up to the hype. And I don’t want to be that reader who doesn’t like it. BUT after just reading the preface, I’m already intrigued. Whew.
  2. All this talk about the Darkling…. I thought it was a monster but it’s a hot guy?!
  3. Do I spy a love triangle in the future??
  4. Chapter 15. What the what just happened???
  5. Um, never mind about #2…
  6. There better not be a cliffhanger waiting at the end of this book. I mean I do have the next book, but still. 
  7. Oooh, take that Darkling!
  8. Whew. No cliff hanger. But I can’t wait to read the next one!

Siege and Storm

  1. Welp, that happiness was short-lived. 
  2. “Sure, he was hundreds of years old, but could he swim?” 😉
  3. We all know it’s only a matter of time until she uses the second amplifier.
  4. Hmmm. A boat that flies. 
  5. Sturmhond. How did I not see that coming??
  6. Sturmhon/Nikolai is giving me major Thorne vibes from The Lunar Chronicles.
  7. Someone give Mal a hug, please!
  8. The middle section has become a little tedious. Let’s get to the action.
  9. Alina. Just freaking talk to Mal.
  10. Zoya, you hag.
  11. I knew that prince was dumb.
  12. I knew Alina had something up her sleeve.

Ruin and Rising

  1. Alina and Mal better have a real reconciliation soon.
  2. Please, can we hurry up and get above ground.
  3. I’m liking Zoya a little more. So far.
  4. “I am become a blade.” Anyone else have to reread that multiple times??
  5. What. The. Heck. Can Alina and Mal not have 5 minutes to talk!!??
  6. Sigh. I’m getting tired of them always being captured.
  7. YES!! Nikolai to the rescue!
  8. Hmm. How does Baghra know Mal??
  9. “I am not ruined. I am ruination.” Go Genya!
  10. Ughhhh. Alina, you’re a fool. I know. You have to save the world. Blah blah blah. Why can’t you save it with Mal?
  11. Mal deserves better. Arrivederchi, Alina!
  12. (I don’t feel like there’s a strong enough reason to keep Alina from Mal. It should have been more of a hard choice. Unfair choice. Life or death.)
  13. Is Mal a descendant of Morozova??
  14. Oops. Maybe not. Unless he’s the Darkling’s brother. Lol. Anything’s possible at this point.
  15. Ewwww. Did Alina make out with her cousin!!??
  16. Mallllll!! You deserve someone who appreciates you.
  17. Never a dull moment. If they’d waited five more minutes, Mal would have been gone.
  18. Ummm, what the heck just happened?? Nikolai grew wings!!??
  19. Nothing like a dramatic exit. First Nikolai, then Baghra, then Alina and gang.
  20. What?? How are Alina and Mal connected?? Are they brother and sister??
  21. Oh. And nice entrance, Firebird.
  22. “He knew. Just as I did. He knew.” Knew what?????? Tell me!!!!!
  23. Oh. So I’m slow, okay?? Mal’s the amplifier!!??
  24. Oh cruel fate! So Alina has to kill Mal!!?? I’m predicting a Harry Potter sacrifice situation.
  25. So where did Alina come from? And Mal and the Darkling are cousins??
  26. It only took the threat of Alina having to kill Mal to finally send them to each other’s arms. Geez.
  27. I didn’t think it was possible to hate the Darkling even more.
  28. Well, thank you Leigh Bardugo for at least the glimmer of hope.
  29. Finally.
  30. I knew it. I knew he would live. (Okay, so I did see a small spoiler while reading the series that listed Alina as Mal’s wife.)
  31. Lovely ending. I’m happy.

A Song For A Book

On Bookstagram I created a hashtag for when I include a song that reminds me of the book I’m sharing, #ASongForABook, I thought I’d make it a regular feature on my reviews, too.

The song from my playlist that reminds me the most of the trilogy is “Towards the Sun” by Rihanna.

Lost my faith and trust
You and I know gold don’t turn to rust
I still swear that we can reign
Like the kings and queens of better yesterdays
Don’t you know I’ve been burned
I’ve been burned I’ve been burned
You’ve seen me lose control
It’s not worth it’s not worth it’s not worth
My soul

Turn your face towards the sun
Let the shadows fall behind you
Don’t look back, just carry on
And the shadows will never find you

I’m including the Spotify playlist I created to listen to while I read through the Shadow and Bone series. It’s cobbled together from author recommendations, Pinterest, Tumblr, and various other sources I discovered by Googling. 😉

Have you read the Shadow and Bones series? Or are you like me, and it’s been sitting on your TBR for years? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Wandering!

2 thoughts on “My Random Thoughts While Binge-Reading the Shadow and Bone Trilogy”

  1. Love these posts, Dedra! Haha some of your thoughts while reading really had me laughing out loud and also even more curious about what exactly you’re talking about because although I have read this, it was years ago and my memory is an awful thing 😂 I don’t know if I can deal with the angst re-reading this though. Sounds like Alina and Mal are proper frustrating! LOL Sam as you, I think I’d definitely re-read SoC over this! Still, this was super entertaining!

    1. Ha! I figured I’d drive some readers a little crazy trying to figure out what parts I was talking about. 😉 I’m sure I’ll reread these posts in a few months and forget what I was even talking about myself! I had fun with the binge-read. It was a much-needed escape from the real world ! 🙂

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