About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

So a little bit about me. My name is Dedra. Nope, not Debra. Don’t let that second “d” fool you. If only my parents would have stuck an “i” in somewhere… or even another “e”. It’s pronounced Dee-dra. And while it’s sometimes nice to have a unique name, it’s also a lot of work when you’re an introvert. Do I correct them?? Do I let them call me Debra or DEADra for the rest of my life?? It’s a hard decision sometimes, and I’m not great in the spur of the moment.

Now a little bit about how I came up with abookwanderer. My unique name means sorrow, complete wanderer. Uplifting, I know. Even better, my mother chose the name after reading an article about a family that died in a car crash off a bridge. What!!?? She wanted a D-name and voilà! While I may feel cursed at times, I’ve decided to embrace the wanderer part and ignore the rest.

And that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know.

Oh, and I love to read. A lot.

(Or Debra or Deadra. Whatever you want to call me.)

If you love my header and matching embellishments, they were created by my very talented daughter, Abby. You can find her on Instagram here! <3